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DESIGN  |  Cimatron, SolidWorks & Mastercam

The foundation of our molds is built off the quality of our designs. We consider the long-term life of the molds, taking every detail into consideration when in the design stage so there are no issues after millions of shots years later. The collaborative effort with our customers results in the exact mold they need for their product. Considering cycle time, ejection, draft, venting, surface finish, cavitation… we build every mold custom to our customers high standards. After the customer approves the mold design, the tool creation begins.


MILLING  |  CNC Machining


Our high-speed milling capabilities allow us to produce the tight tolerances that our customers demand. We have 5-axis milling that creates fewer setups, which results in faster lead times for our customers. Cutting to +/- .0001” is what we do and do well. After cutting, we are able to inspect and verify all our dimensions on our CMM. From hardened tool steel to graphite, we cut everything to precision. We have robots throughout the shop feeding the mills; this allow for lights out running 365 days a year. Our master mold builders are AMBA certified for their achievement and mastery of the trade.

E.D.M. | Electrical Discharge Machining


Our sinker and wire machines have the latest technology that perform the fastest burn and cut times in the industry. The repeatability tolerances of the machines let us manage any job with ease. Using specially infused graphite is another way we cut down on lead times, along with the robots feeding the sinkers that require longer burn times. We utilize wire all the way down to .004” to cut the micro-molding jobs when required. Our EDM department is a big part of what allows us to produce the molds for the intricate parts that require the detail and accuracy.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT  |  Operations & Process

Project Management

To allow for the smoothest transitions prior to, during, and directly following each job, we have an incredibly detailed process in which we run our operations. From the original purchase order to project completion, we are constantly striving to give you the absolute best product while also considering the importance of the deadline you have provided us. Keeping you informed with weekly progress reports is just one of the ways we make sure that you are informed throughout the process. With product testing, you are sure to have every detail prior to the project completion in preparation for any alterations that might be needed for your product.

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